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Want to Get You Educational App Reviewed by Parents and Teachers?

Do you have an app specifically for children? Is it productive and educational? If we are not wrong, you might not be getting enough reviews for your app and thus, it’s not helping you make money or achieve your goals.

This is because children can’t review your app themselves and parents forget about it once downloading it. People need to understand the worth of their personal feedback on any kind of app. While many people don’t realize this factor, we are here to help you get real reviews for your app by parents and educators.

You, as an app developer, can contact us anytime to provide free reviews of your educational app. We, at AppsforHealthyKids, recommend best children’s apps to our users, including teachers, parents, guardians and anyone who wants to supervise a child for educational purposes.

Why People Consult Us

Our team consists of real mothers and teachers who strive to provide honest reviews and unbiased information about selected apps only. We ensure that these apps are educational and informative for kids, and have no explicit and irrelevant content.

If you are an app developer and your app satisfies all the above conditions, our team will provide unbiased feedback to your app and share it with our readers. Once you get the reviews, your app will become popular among the target audience.

We are Trustworthy

You can trust our services to enable you reach your goals. The internet is an extremely helpful tool in making anyone famous and we are trying our best to use it. We support all Android and iPhone kids app developers. Many developers rely on our feedback to become internet sensations in the education category. Many parents and teachers follow our recommendations because they care about their kids and students.

So, do you own educational and informative apps? Consult us right now. Do not fall for the scourge of fake reviews; you will just waste your money trying to be famous through illegal and unethical ways. Submit your details and requirements to us and we will help you with your app if it meets our standards. This is because we know the worth of your hard work.

Apply Now for Your App’s Review

It’s really easy to contact us for an app review. Our team is here to provide you their services 24/7. We receive hundreds of review requests every month from many app developers, waiting for a chance to become famous.

So, we have recently customized our website to give you an opportunity to talk to our team of parents and teachers. Just follow these steps to apply for your app’s unbiased feedback:

  1. Open our website and fill out the application form.
  2. Our team will reach out to you for some necessary information regarding your app and your purpose of creating it.
  3. We will inquire about your requirements, and that’s it!

Sit back and relax!

Our team will review your app and check whether it’s useful for children’s learning and educational purposes. Don’t forget that we only provide real reviews. You can use them to make your app better and more informative for the audience. Give us a chance to improve your app today!